The Hongkong Exhibition In 2019

The Hongkong ISLE Exhibition In 2019 :

started on February 2. Compared with previous years, the visitor flow this year has reached a record high.

The so-called real gold is not afraid of fire and good productsare not afraid of inspection.

As the first exhibition after the Spring Festival in 2019, UHLED is also sufficient Enthusiastic,

took out our latest R & D and most representative products to participate in the exhibition

(P1.5625 LED Shelf Display, U-Ton series, P2.5 LED Advertising Poster).

This exhibition is the largest exhibition in China.Every company has come up with its own unique skills and

wants to showits strength at this exhibition. The UHLED booth scene is also unprecedented.

Compared with some other Mini LED products, The VE series of Eastar, which got the red dot design awards,

has many advantages, such as the 1.5625 mm pixel pitch,dual power supply, wireless connection, seamless splicing.

It solves the problem that the ultra-small-pitch LED display is easy to be damaged, the COB product cannot

be repaired on site, and the surface ink color and display brightness consistency are solved.With these

qualifications of brand protection, latest technology,and patent endorsement, customers always have

confidence in us and consult our products on-site.