The Hongkong Exhibition In 2019


New products were coming and bright huge successful for UHLEDcompany. P1.5625 LED Shelf Display, U-Ton series, P2.5 LED Advertising Poster These factors are rising the uptake of LED display in many industries includes sports and adve

Japan Sign&Display Show Exhibition In 2018


UHLED was developed new product and show in Japan exhibition in 2018. we made Tremendous progress and gain some nice clients.

Korea Exhibition In 2017


All of products attracted people attending the shows, because our LED Shelf Display is newly developed in the whole LED fields, its more innovative and advanced

Dubai Exhibition In 2016


UHLED Dubai market Sales Manager Abdullah, analyzed the current status and trends of the Dubai market, and introduced UHLED’s new product “P2.5 LED Rental ” series, which will further strengthen the industry status of the company.

Brazil Exhibition in 2015


With the rapid development of commercial display, the total sales amount of the LED Shelf Display industry has nearly reached USD5.8 million in the year 2015. Compared with the sales amount of 2014 (USD4.6 billion), it increased by about 21%.

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